Weight Lifting For Solid Bone Health

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Mature Woman Lifting Dumbbell At HomeLifting weights isn’t just for bodybuilders, athletes or weekend warriors. In addition to gaining strength, a regular weight lifting routine can be very beneficial for the female body.

Mary Arend, a personal trainer and Pilates instructor at ProMedica Wildwood Athletic Club, says that weight training can help women who are hoping to decrease body fat, improve athletic performance and become physically stronger. A regular strength program can reduce risk of injury, back pain, arthritis, heart disease, and diabetes; and improve attitude and fight depression. One of the greatest benefits of weight training for women is the decreased risk of osteoporosis.

“Weight bearing exercise and resistance training are crucial for preventing osteoporosis-related fractures and other injuries,” Arend says. “Not only can weight training improve bone density, it can also improve muscle mass, balance and connective tissue strength — all which decrease the risk of falling and breaking something.”

When you lift weights, it’s the larger bones that benefit the most. Arend shares that the spine, femur, hips, and frame of the body are primarily affected. “Weight lifting typically affects the bones that take the most abuse.”

Starting Your Weight Lifting Routine
If you’ve been inactive for some time, or have never engaged in weight-training exercises, Arend recommends starting small to prevent injury.

Step one: Begin with dumbbells or resistance bands that weigh one – five pounds.

Step two: Engage in 30 minutes of resistance-training activity each day. Try a mix of weight training and higher-impact activities, such as jogging, arc trainer, elliptical, and step aerobics.

Step three: As you grow stronger, increase the amount of weight you lift to maximize bone-building benefits.

Arend shares a few pointers for safe weight lifting:

  • Warm up properly to avoid injuries: Working out cold muscles can lead to sprains and tears.
  • Use correct form: Stand straight, head over shoulders, over hips, over feet.
  • Keep abs tight as though you are being punched in the stomach without holding your breath: This will stabilize your pelvis and keep your knees over toes.
  • Don’t do too much too soon: Learn the moves with bodyweight first. When you can do 15 reps with proper form, add weights.
  • Work opposing muscles: For every front exercise, perform one for the back of the body. Balance is key.
  • Consider Pilates to build stabilizers: Stabilizers are important muscles for the body and help support the bigger muscles, providing you a safer workout.

Wildwood Warrior Challenge

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Wildwood Warrior Challenge
Take your workout routine to the next level with the Wildwood Warrior Challenge. Throughout the month of June, a weekly email will be sent out with seven entertaining and challenging tasks for you to complete. Reply to the message with a picture of you completing at least four of the tasks and be entered in to win fun prizes! Stop by the front desk to sign up or to learn more.

Resistance Training Program

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Are you looking to build lean, toned muscles as well full body strength? If so, join certified physical trainer, Stephanie Egan, in her new resistance training program. Sessions take place Tuesdays and Thursdays, June 2 – 18 from 10:30 – 11 a.m. The cost is $60 for members and $99 for nonmembers. Stop by the member advocate office to sign up or to learn more about this program.

Steam Room/Sauna Update

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shutterstock_112595054We would like to thank you all of you for your patience as we repair our steam rooms and saunas. The saunas are finished and open for use while the steam rooms should be complete by June 26. We are excited about these improvements and hope you are too.

Please feel free to contact us at 419-578-7061 if you have any questions or concerns about this project.

Meet Our New Aqua Instructors

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Eric Kramer Eric Kramer first learned how to swim as adult. Being an adult student helped him fully realize the difficulties people face when learning to swim. He has since become an experienced swimmer and has participated in several triathlons that included open water swimming. Eric specializes in introducing young children to the water and refining their ability to swim. He also works with adults who want to improve their swimming capabilities.
Aaron Gray Aaron Gray, a two-time varsity letterman for Defiance High School, coaches varsity swimming at Toledo Central Catholic and is the lesson coordinator for the Greater Toledo Aquatic Club. He really believes that hard work in the pool can pay dividends out of the water and will teach you important qualities for life.
Shannon Reiter Shannon Reiter grew up in a competitive swimming environment. She swam for Vandalia Butler High School near Dayton, Ohio. She has been teaching and coaching swimming since 2005, beginning at the Greater Dayton YMCA, followed by the Powel Crosley, Jr. YMCA in Cincinnati and the West Toledo YMCA. When Shannon isn’t in teaching, she keeps busy by coaching the University of Toledo Rowing Club.
Summer Dwyer Swimming is a passion for Summer Dwyer. She swam for seven years with the YMCA as well as with Clay High School where she made district finals four straight years. She has been an instructor for three years, teaching technic to all ages.

Click here to learn about our upcoming swim programs, or call 419-578-7061 to learn about private instruction.

Member Spotlight: Grant Henderson

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Grant HendersonGrant Henderson has been a member of ProMedica Wildwood Athletic Club since 2012. When he first joined, he spent most of his time at the club doing his own thing – lifting weights and doing some cardio. However, he soon noticed he wasn’t getting the results he wanted. So, he enlisted the help of master trainer Sommer Vriezelaar.

Grant started training with Sommer in June 2013, doing individual workouts and then eventually group workouts and classes with other Wildwood trainers. Since then, he has seen great improvement in his personal fitness. “My cardiovascular health improved so much that I was able to run a half marathon last October, he says. “I am off of [my] blood pressure medication and my weight has dropped significantly.”

Today, Grant still enjoys lifting weights and doing cardio on his own, but also does high intensity training twice a week with Sommer and takes different classes. “I really appreciate Sommer’s efforts in helping me reach my fitness goals, says Grant.  “She has pushed me hard to get in really good shape and helping transform my body.  The training staff [at Wildwood] is very friendly and helpful.”