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New to Running? 3 Steps to Get Started

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This article is part of the Sunday Runday series.

If you’re new to running or returning to the sport after a break, it may be tempting to grab your running shoes and strike while the iron’s hot. But Kelsey Sobol, MS, NSCA-CPT, with ProMedica Wildwood Athletic Club says there are major benefits to doing some preliminary planning and screening before hitting the pavement.

According to Sobol, here are three things every beginner should do before running. And experienced runners could benefit, too, by doing these regularly:

  1. Check in With Your Doctor

“Running is a little more abusive in nature,” warns Sobol. “There’s a higher rate of injury because you are doing thousands of repetitions of the same thing.” Even if you seem perfectly healthy, Sobol says your doctor can evaluate your health to see if there’s anything you should take into consideration of your running plan. Seeing your cardiologist is especially important, especially if you have a heart condition that could be affected by your new exercise.

  1. Have a Functional Movement Screening

A functional movement screening is an examination that can be done to see how your body is working, and to find subtle things that could affect your running or potentially cause injury. Through movement-based testing, a professional can check things like muscle imbalances and alignment. For instance, a slight dip in the knee while squatting may not seem like much, but after thousands of running steps, this dormant issue could lead to a substantial injury.

“Testing is just scratching the surface of what a functional movement screening is designed for,” says Sobol. Then, you have to “fix” what you find. Sometimes this is a list of recommended exercises a person can do at home; other times, it may require more extensive therapy. It all depends on the person, their health history and their goals.

In addition to avoiding injury, another key benefit of the screening is improved efficiency. Certain exercises and stretches can help propel your functionality so that you are less fatigued and more efficient in your runs. Another reason why even experienced runners could benefit from going back to the basics.

While some doctors are able to perform a functional movement screening, you may be referred to a physical therapist or certified trainer, like Sobol who performs these screenings and a gait analysis on clients.

  1. Develop a Training Plan

“Winging it” may seem like an easier and faster approach to running, but you probably won’t get the results you’re looking for, and you could be setting yourself up for injury.

“Your body is a responsive organ,” says Sobol. “But it’s only responsive to certain things. A thoughtful, progressive plan that’s specific to your goal is important for everyone.” That means that someone who is prepping for a 5k will have a very different program than someone who wants to lose fat mass. And someone who wants to lose fat mass will have a very different program than someone who wants to strengthen their heart health.

If you’re looking online for a running plan, check out various sources and use a plan very similar to other plans, so you have a better chance of following a solid plan that’s not too drastic. Just keep in mind that nothing beats going directly to an expert. “There’s a huge benefit to having a real human being across from you, talking with you,” says Sobol. A person is more likely to know your history and your goals so they can tailor a plan just for you. Sobol recommends a local running coach if you are able to have one.

With limited equipment and plenty of opportunities to do it anywhere and anytime, running may seem like an easy sport. However, it requires just as much preparation, practice and learning as other sports.

“Just because you have a human body, doesn’t mean that you’re an expert in how it works,” reminds Sobol. So don’t be afraid to find expert help to make sure you’re running on the right track.


Member Spotlight: Meet Brittany Roth

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Brittany RothBrittany Roth has been a member of the ProMedica Wildwood Athletic Club since the beginning of 2015. After her now personal trainer, Kelsey Sobol, spoke at a wellness lunch and learn at her work, Brittany knew that it was time to take the next step in her fitness training.

Before joining, Brittany strictly did cardio exercises. In the six months since, she become physically stronger and is feeling better overall. “We do anything from circuit training to Olympic lifting. The club has a variety of equipment so I never get bored with my workout,” she said. “When I leave the club after my workout I always feel good about myself because I know I worked hard.”

When asked if she felt working with Kelsey was beneficial, she said “without Kelsey’s encouragement and drive, I would not have reached my fitness goals. The Wildwood staff is great. The entire staff makes you feel welcome and is happy to answer any question you might have.”

New! Cardio Drumming

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Cardio DrummingIf you can’t stand the thought of running on a treadmill or gliding on an elliptical, the fitness team at ProMedica Wildwood Athletic Club may have just the thing for you! The newest addition to the group exercise schedule is a one of a kind workout designed for all ages and fitness levels. This full-body jam session gets you far away from your same old cardio routine that many of you may experience.

Cardio drumming combines light resistance with constant simulated drumming. This class is all about expressing yourself, releasing stress and aggression, sweating, singing, and enjoying your favorite music. You can look forward to burning between 400 and 900 calories per session with the added benefits of strengthening and sculpting those infrequently used muscles. You will enjoy drumming so much that you will forget you’re in the middle of a workout routine.

Cardio drumming is a great exercise for everyone. It can be done while sitting in a chair, standing in place or doing the full movements. Our expert instructors will guide the way, helping you to feel the beat and drum away. If you would like to try a class, call Wildwood Athletic Club at 419-539-0235 and meet with one of our member advocates to schedule a free trial.

Meet Our New Fitness Manager, Kelly Ries

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Kelly RiesKelly Ries went to Siena Heights University in Adrian, Michigan for her bachelor’s degree in biology and then decided to pursue a career in health and wellness. She completed her master’s degree in exercise physiology at The University of Toledo while shadowing at a local physical therapy clinic.

During graduate school, Kelly was introduced to a colleague who worked at ProMedica Wildwood Athletic Club and soon began working with their clinical programs, such as Script4Fitness and the Executive Health Program. Kelly was interested in working in a corporate wellness setting, so she left Wildwood and worked for Corporate Fitness Works as the wellness coordinator for CSX Transportation. She worked as an exercise physiologist and managed the fitness centers and wellness programs for CSX in her region.

Kelly says that she is happy to be back at Wildwood and excited to get back to her clinical roots. Kelly is excited to exercise her passion for employee and community wellness with the great team here at ProMedica and The Wildwood Athletic Club.

5-Week Adult Swim Program

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swimDive on in! Join swim instructor
Shannon Reiter for a 5-week program that will improve your technique and overall efficiency in the water. Classes take place on Thursdays, July 9th – August 6th at 7 p.m. The cost is $50 for members and $99 for non-members. The non-member fee includes full access to the club! Call 419-539-0235 or stop in to sign up with a member advocate.

Line Dancing Party at Wildwood

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Line Dance PartyWe kicked off our summer time programs at Wildwood Athletic Club with a fun line dancing party. 50 people attended to learn popular wedding line dances, and enjoy food catered by Beirut.

Thanks to everyone who participated. We had a blast!

See the pictures on Facebook by clicking here.

Wildwood Warrior Fitness Challenge

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WWCLed by our fearless trainer Sommer Vriezelaar, the Wildwood Warrior Challenge was a weekly fitness challenge that required strength and determination from our members.

Every Monday, members were sent an email with several challenges (ranging from tasks such as perform burpees for 5 minutes, bike the UT trail for 30 minutes, and find monkey bars and do as many pull ups or knees tucks as you could).

Check out the pictures on our Facebook page here.

Be on the lookout for upcoming fitness challenges at the club.