WAC Open House

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Come check out what’s NEW at Wildwood!

Sat., January 14, 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Wed., January 18, 5:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.

Two chances to attend!
Dress in comfy exercise/workout clothes

The community open house is your chance to check out Wildwood Athletic Club for free! During the Open House you will have the opportunity to tour the club and try out some of the classes, equipment and amenities ~ FREE!

Here are a few of our featured programs!

Information about all of our services and programs
Try out Group Exercise Classes
Sample personal training demos
Medical Fitness Programs
Try our Massage demos and chair massage
ProMedica wellness information
Scale Down demonstration and information


Wearables Done Right

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Did Santa bring you a fitness tracker? If not, have you been thinking about getting one but aren’t sure how to effectively use it? Read on to find out how to get started effectively using a wearable fitness tracker.


Earlier this year Anytime Fitness commissioned a survey that examined the habits of those who regularly used fitness tracking devices. Overall, the study showed a general lack of trust in the data provided to users. Furthermore the study revealed that nearly 70 percent of those who purchased activity trackers and fitness apps said their activity levels increased only slightly or not at all.

This begs the questions: Are fitness trackers an effective tool and should you be encouraging your members to use them? According to Shannon Fable, the director of exercise programming for Anytime Fitness, the answer is yes. Activity trackers can be very motivational in helping members achieve their fitness goals, if they are used correctly.

“People think that it is a magic bullet,” said Fable. “But if you don’t understand the numbers, what you are aiming for and how that relates to your goals, it really isn’t going to get you more fit. So it is just one more thing they try to do that doesn’t produce the results they want to see. It could be the best thing in the world for them if they knew how to utilize it.”

Fable highlighted simple steps to increasing the effectiveness of activity trackers. The first step is awareness. “Simply wearing the device and watching what they see,” she said. “Choosing perhaps on variable, for example if they get a Fitbit, the first week just see how many steps they are taking. Then the next week set a goal to increase it. Do this instead of making these wide-sweeping goals of taking 10,000 steps a day because that is ‘the number”.

By Emily Harbourne, ClubSolutionsMagazine.com (Dec. 2016)

5-Week Fitness Programs

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Did you know you could make a positive impact on your health in as little as five weeks? The 5-Week Fitness Programs at ProMedica Wildwood Athletic Club are specifically designed to help you get quick, noticeable results. These accelerated programs include a variety of functional exercises to help you build strength, increase energy, reduce stress, and lose weight fast.

Not a ProMedica Wildwood Athletic Club member? No problem! Our 5-Week Fitness Programs are open to non-members. The cost is just $99, which includes five weeks of small group classes led by a trained fitness specialist and unlimited club access. Sign up for our next 5-week fitness program.

Weight Management

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Diet conceptWhat is ProMedica Scale Down and how can it help with your New Year’s resolution?

If your New Year’s resolution is to lose weight and feel better in 2017, then ProMedica Scale Down may be right for you. Scale Down is a weight management program that combines structured diets, physical activity and lifestyle changes to successfully lose weight plus a long-term maintenance plan to keep the weight off. Based on a nationally recognized weight management program, Health Management Resources (HMR), ProMedica Scale Down offers low calorie meal replacements along with weekly support from health professionals.

“Say yes to more! With HMR you can EAT more (food) and lose more (weight) and there’s a great support team to assist you on your journey to success!”

– Renee H., ProMedica Scale Down participant

Scale Down has three diet options:

  • Decision Free:  clients dine on HMR entrees and meal replacement shakes exclusively and medical supervision is provided, along with a weekly class.
  • Healthy Solutions: clients enjoy replacement shakes, entrees, fruits and vegetables. Healthy Solutions is offered with or without medical supervision and participants attend a weekly class.
  • HMR at Home: Entrees and replacement shakes are delivered to your front door. This program is self-guided and no medical supervision is provided.

Join us for our next information session on January 11. To get scheduled for this free information session, call 855-251-8615 or visit www.Promedica.org/ScaleDown

Tobacco Cessation

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Don’t go alone on your journey to quit tobacco. Group cessation classes are available at ProMedica Toledo Hospital. The cost of the class is covered by insurance. Click here for class schedule.

Is It a Cold or Is It the Flu?

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Colds and other illnesses can sometimes have “flu like” symptoms, making it hard to tell when you actually have the flu. View this infographic to learn the difference between the cold and flu.